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T.M. Murphy

Author of Saving Santa’s Seals

T.M. Murphy, featured in the new book 101 Highly Successful Novelists, is the author of the acclaimed Belltown Mystery Series, listed as a Favorite New Series by BookSense Children’s 76. Murphy spends his days touring hundreds of schools, bookstores, and conference and motivating kids to write. He spends his summers teaching young writers at The Writers’ Shack in his hometown. Adam Taylor’s diversified illustration and animation talent has appeared in television, film, publishing and the Internet, with projects for MGM Studios, Disney, Virgin Records, CBS, National Geographic Kids, VH-1 and MTV. Productions include Pink Panther, Baby Pink Panther & Pals, Stargate Infinity, Bulletproof Monk, and the “Pink Panther’s Penthouse Party” music video featuring Henry Mancini’s Grammy-Award-winning “Pink Panther” theme.