Est. 1993

Leapfrog Press

About us

Leapfrog Press is an award-winning and prize-giving independent publisher of critically acclaimed books. Committed to the championing of outstanding writers from all walks of life – new voices and old, underrepresented and diverse – our goal is to enrich our shared cultural life and heritage with storytelling that addresses the many pressing issues of both our time and of times past.

Leapfrog Press publishes authors from all around the globe, and our annual Leapfrog Global Fiction Prize for Adult and Young Adult | Middle Grade Fiction guarantees global publication in the English-speaking world. Past winners have been both debut and seasoned authors writing across a wide spectrum of genre fiction; from short stories dabbling in magical realism to cutting crime novels and speculative climate narratives.

We believe that publishing books has never been more important, and we strive to support our authors through the process with attentive editorial practice, compelling design and creative marketing and promotion.

We aim to make all our manufacturing as sustainable as possible using FSC certified papers and best printing practices.

Our Authors
Leapfrog Press authors are a diverse anthology from around the world: engaging, entertaining, informed, passionate and influential.

Our Books
The Leapfrog Press catalog covers a wide range of fiction across a broad spectrum of genre fiction, non-fiction, poetry and children’s writing.

The Leapfrog Family

Tobias Steed, president and publisher

Nicole Schroeder, managing editor

Sarah Allen-Sutter, Publishing Assistant

Mary Bisbee-Beek, publicity consultant

James Shannon, book and web design

Shannon Clinton-Copeland, consultant