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K.L. Anderson

Author of But First You Need a Plan

K. L. Anderson has spent most of her life looking for balance between the creative and the analytical, the human and the natural. She grew up in Chicago, has earned degrees in English and Biology, and has worked as an ecologist, wetland scientist, and technical writer and editor. Cities have always been her home—she didn’t own a car until she was thirty and would always much rather get there on foot. Apart from telling stories, her passions include laughing, libraries, connecting with strangers, stand-up paddle boarding, doing it herself, and reducing her carbon footprint. While her fiction is inspired by the natural world, it explores the complexities of humans and their relationships with one another, and the experiences of regular people in out-of-the-ordinary situations. But First You Need a Plan is her first book. Currently, she lives in Seattle with her husband, her son, and a cat who desperately wants to be a dog.




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