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Irene Butter

Author of From Holocaust to Hope: Shores Beyond Shores – A Bergen-Belsen Survivor’s True Story

Irene Hasenberg Butter is a well-known peace activist, Holocaust survivor, and Professor Emerita of Public Health at the University of Michigan. She is a frequent and favored inspirational speaker, talking about her experience during World War II and stressing the importance of “never a bystander” and that “one person can make a difference.” Irene is a co-founder of Zeitouna, an organization of Jewish and Arab women working for peace, and a founder of the Raoul Wallenberg Project at University of Michigan.



Frankfurt, Germany (January 26, 2024) – Irene has an extensive interview (in English and German) in the Frankfurter Rundschau, covering not just her experience, but her thoughts on the rise of antisemitism and the war in Gaza.

April 15, 2023:  Irene Butter Fund for Holocaust and Human Rights Education was founded. The fund will support projects that embody Irene’s mantras of “Never a bystander,” “Refusing to be enemies,” and “All people are our kin,

August 3, 2022: The German edition of Shores Beyond Shores was launched.

“The Difference You Make: A Conversation with Holocaust Survivor Irene Butter” from the Global Leadership League and NAFSA’s International Women’s Day event. March 8th, 2020

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