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2021 Adult Shortlist Announcement

The Leapfrog Global Fiction Prize
for Adult Fiction authors, 2021

Final judging to be undertaken by New York Times bestselling author, Ann Hood.

We thank everyone who entrusted us with their submission to the Leapfrog Global Fiction Prize contest.

With so many wonderful manuscripts this year, deliberating was no easy task. However, we are happy to announce the following shortlist, updated now to include authors’ names:

Minato Sketches (novel) by Sharon White
But First You Need a Plan (novel) by Kim Anderson
Possibility Hunger (stories) by Lynn Schmeidler
Flyover Girls (stories) by Julie Benesh
Autobiography of Migration (stories) by Maija Makinen
The Havana Standard (novel) by Tim Weed
Honorable Mentions: 
Mildred and Boris (novel) by Christina Camarena
Smaller Lives (novel) by Whitney Lawson
Duende (novella) by P.G. Twm
Launch Me to the Stars, I’m Finished Here (novel) by Nick Gregorio
You Have Reached Your Destination (stories) by Louise Marburg
Tentacles Numbing (novel) by Shome Dasgupta
Newman’s Choice (novel) by Mark Connelly
Eight Maids (stories) by Jacob Weber
Mazes and Other Puzzles (stories) by Linda Clopton
Afterlives (novel) by Nora Bonner
The Oud Player of Old Cairo (novel) by Jasmin Attia
Girl Country: Stories (stories) by Jacqueline Vogtman
Lonely Beasts (stories) by Timothy DeLizza
Hairy Govinda: Stories (stories) by Kathy Anderson
What We Were Looking For (stories) by Heather De Bel
Under Pressure and Other Stories (stories) by Sandra Gail Lambert
Wound Side Down (stories) by Jennifer Colatosti
The Gospel of Rot (novel) by Gregory Ariail
Hold Me While I Scream (stories) by Redfern Barrett


The First Prize package includes a publication contract offer from Leapfrog Press (U.S.) and Can of Worms Press (U.K.) with an advance payment against royalties, a critique from guest judge Ann Hood, permanent listing on the website of each press, and $150; finalists will receive the critique, permanent website listings, and $150; semi-finalists will get their choice of a Leapfrog or Can of Worms book and permanent website listings; honorable mentions will receive permanent website listings.