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Leapfrog Press

Past Winners

Judges, Finalists, and Winners

🐸 = Finalist Judge 

🥇 = Winner, published by Leapfrog Press

📘 = Published by Leapfrog Press


Adult Fiction Category

🐸 Nancy Pearl

🥇 Aimee LaBrie, Rages and Cages (novel)


YA | MG Fiction Category

🐸 Rosanne Parry

🥇 D. K. McCutchen, Jellyfish Dreaming (YA novel)



Adult Fiction Category

🐸 Ann Hood

🥇 K.L. Anderson, But First You Need A Plan (novel)


YA | MG Fiction Category

🐸 Anthony McGowan

🥇 Faith Shearin, My Sister Lives in the Sea (YA short story collection) and Lost River, 1918 (YA novel)



🐸 Cris Mazza

🥇 Molly Giles, Wife with Knife (short story collection) 

Mack Green, Frank’s Bloody Books (novel) 

Gay Walley, Magnetism (novel) 

Diane Josefowicz, Guardians and Saints (stories) 

Ronald Dunham, Epoch 2000 (novel)



🐸 Ramona Ausubel

🥇 Lara Tupper, Amphibians (stories) 

Israela Margalit, Too Much (stories)

Nancy Agabian, The Fear of Large and Small Nations (novel, withdrawn from consideration)



🐸 Marie-Helene Bertino 

🥇 Cai Emmons, Vanishing (stories)

🥇 Pamela L. Laskin, Why No Goodbye? (YA novel-in-verse) 

Vishwas Gaitonde, On Earth as It Is in Heaven (stories)



🐸 Sara Pritchard

🥇 Sandra Hunter , Trip Wires (stories)

🥇 George Looney, Report from a Place of Burning (novel) 

Jordan Farmer, Burn With Me (stories)

Natalie Harnett, Hallet House (YA novel)



🐸 Sara Pritchard 

🥇 Katayoun Medhat , The Quality of Mercy (novel) 

Kate Krautkramer, We Are the Children (stories)

George Looney, The Worst May Be Over (stories)



🐸 Mark Brazaitis

🥇 Laurie Blauner, The Solace of Monsters (novel) 

Nona Caspers, Alley Stories (stories)

Sharon Ellis, The Devil Between Us (novel)

Holly Thompson, Somewhere South of Tokyo (stories)



🐸 Mark Brazaitis, Michael Mirolla 

🥇 Gregory Hill, The Lonesome Trials of Johnny Riles (novel) 

Ashley Mace Havird, An Old Horse Named Troy (MG novel)

Terrance Manning, Jr., Andretti in the El Camino (stories)

Thomas M. Atkinson, Tiki Man (novel)

Shane Stricker, One Eye Closed Tight Against the Coming Jesus (stories)



🐸 Lev Raphael

🥇 David Armstrong, Going Anywhere (stories) 

📘 Michael Gutierrez, The Trench Angel (novel) 

Ted Pelton, The Trickster Woodchuck (stories)



🐸 Lev Raphael 

🥇 Jacob White, Being Dead in South Carolina (stories) 

Mathias Freese, I Truly Lament (stories)

Mark Lyons, Brief Eulogies at Roadside Shrines (stories)



🐸 Marge Piercy

🥇 Allen Learst, Dancing at the Gold Monkey (stories)

📘 George Rosen, The Immanence of God in the Tropics (stories) 

Tracy DeBrincat, Hollywood Buckaroo (novel)

C.K. Killheffer, A World of Born (novel)



🐸 Marge Piercy, Alexandria LaFaye

🥇 Joan Connor, How To Stop Loving Someone (stories) 

🥇 Mick Carlon, Riding on Duke’s Train (MG novel) 

Mariko Nagai, Weight of the Land (novel)

Amy Schutzer, The Color of Weather (novel)

Josie Sigler, El Camino (stories)

Len Spacek, The Summer of Love (YA novel)

Thom Mark Shepard, The Green Apettes (YA novel)



🐸 Michael Mirolla, Michael Lee

🥇 Vickie Weaver, Bille Girl (novel)

📘 Helen Phillips, And Yet They Were Happy (stories) 

Barbara Salvatore, Big Horse Woman (novel)

Nicholas T. Brown, Driftwood (stories)

Madeline Sonik, The Talking Cure (stories)

📘 Li Miao Lovett, Honorable Mention, In the Lap of the Gods (novel) 


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