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You're Married to Her?

Essays by Ira Wood

In a wildly self-skewering but oddly sympathetic narrative voice, Wood reimagines his early years with Marge Piercy in a series of chronologically linked essays, never failing to raise the question that few failed to ask, You’re Married to Her?

"Saucy, sexy stories of a young writer's life.... Wood wittily interweaves his sex life with his work as a writer, art teacher, book publisher, small-town government official and husband to writer Marge Piercy." —Kirkus


No One's Son

a memoir by Tewodros Fekadu

How a documentary filmmaker named for an emperor became who he is

"The spare writing tells an eloquent story.... Set against vicious conflicts across borders and within local streets, the moving prose and local idioms make universal connections." --Booklist

Something to Say

Profiles by Richard Klin
Photographs by Lily Prince - April 2011

The fusion of art and politics is axiomatic in much of the world. In America, their relationship is erratic. What is art in the service of social justice? Is an artist obligated to address the political? This book profiles, in words and photos, disparate creative forces who offer thoughts on their point of engagement with the political sphere. In the words of Pete Seeger, art “may save the world. Visual arts, dancing, acting arts, cooking arts . . . Joe DiMaggio reaching for a fly ball—that was great dancing!”

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"Klin is an insightful interviewer and a marvelous writer." --Bloomsbury Review

• The late Howard Zinn Pete Seeger Yoko Ono • Screenwriter Ron Nyswaner • Poet Quincy Troupe • Palestinian-American standup comedian Maysoon Zayid • Dominican-American painter Freddy Rodríguez • Filmmaker Gini Reticker • Klezmer fiddler Alicia Svigals Slowpoke cartoonist Jen Sorensen • Chef and food activist Didi Emmons • Performance and installation artist Sheryl Oring • Children’s writer Jacqueline Woodson • Chinese-American poet and art critic John Yau • Punk-rock activist Franklin Stein of the band Blowback

God Soul Mind Brain
by Michael Graziano

“A brave neuroscientist rushes in where angels fear to tread. A challenging yet accessible, charming and thoroughly enjoyable book – it provokes thoughts in a way that reminds one of the reasons for books to exist.”
Robert Sapolsky, author of Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers

“A beautifully crafted, tightly scripted account of how the far-flung legions of the brain's neurons give rise to social awareness and our notions of soul, religion and God.” --Christof Koch, Caltech professor of Neuroscience, author of The Quest for Consciousness

La bell'America
by Anthony M. Graziano

A picture of Europe's 19th century and the massive immigration of Italians to America...the author writes of wars and conflicts, of popes and kings fighting the people's demands for democratic government and throwing the world into bloody conflicts that virtually destroyed Europe. Caught up were the poverty stricken, powerless common people who became the immigrants, pushed from Europe and pulled to America. Their history is made alive through the author's account of his family--their immigration to America from Italy, their survival through poverty, prejudice, and the Great Depression, to their ultimate success and intense loyalty to their adopted land, La bell'America.

"A delightful, passionate and memorable rendition of a familiar and glorious tale." -Governor Mario M. Cuomo

by David Fisichella

When an engineer whose life is in shambles meets a blind oceanographer who spends much of her life at sea, his world is turned upside down. A memoir told with humor, gritty details, and a refreshing sense of wonder about our oceans.

So You Want To Write (Second Edition)
by Marge Piercy & Ira Wood

The Complete Workshop of Fiction and Memoir Craft for Writers Who Want To Publish Their Work

"Best Book of the Year for Writers"
The Writer Magazine

Rookie Cop
by Richard Rosenthal

As Featured on NPR's Fresh Air

"A strange true tale of a Jewish NYPD cadet recruited into the department's elite intelligence unit to spy on the Jewish Defense League, offering vivid portraits of a politically incendiary era and revealing secrets of intrusive police tactics."

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