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Why No Geedbye coverf Why No Goodbye?

Pamela L. Laskin

“In breathtaking free-verse, Laskin explores the heart of this uneducated, desperate man-child as he struggles with . . . betrayal and rage. . . . Goes beyond the [Rohingya] headlines to create a stunningly poignant tale of grief, struggle, and emotional redemption.”—Suzanne Weyn, author of The Bar Code Tattoo

Stealing Indians Stealing Indians

A Novel by

John Smelcer

“One of our most brilliant writers tells a harsh truth about American history.”
—Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, author of An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States

Savage Mountain cover

Savage Mountain

a novel by John Smelcer

“Smelcer clearly knows his way around Alaskan mountains.”
David Roberts,
author of The Mountain of My Fear, etc.

Edge of Nowhere

a novel by John Smelcer

"A survival story, but one with a strong heart." —ForeWord

"A thought-provoking and moving coming-of-age story."
Publishers Weekly 

Lone Wolves

Lone Wolves

a novel by John Smelcer

“A beautiful and moving story of courage and love.” —Ray Bradbury

“Powerful, eloquent and fascinating, showcasing a vanishing way of life in rich detail.” —Kirkus

“Smelcer’s work has a touch of the classical, combining good old-fashioned adventure and survival themes with heart-tugging moments of clarity and poignancy that recall Jean Craighead George’s Julie of the Wolves." —Booklist

Louis cover

Travels with Louis

a novel by Mick Carlon

"Louis’ music still vibrantly lives around the world and his spirit of humaneness lives in Travels with Louis." --Nat Hentoff

The Louis Armstrong I knew is in this novel. Reading TRAVELS WITH LOUIS is like visiting with my friend again.” —Jack Bradley

An ABC Best Books for Children pick (American Bookseller's Association)


Riding on Duke's Train

a novel by Mick Carlon

Nine-year-old Danny stows away on a Georgia train—the train of Duke Ellington. Through Danny's eyes, we meet some of America's finest musicians as he accompanies them on their 1939 European tour, when the train was briefly held in Nazi Germany. Says Nat Hentoff, "I knew Duke Ellington for 25 years. The Ellington in this book is the man I knew."

"Duke used to say that the individual sound of a musician revealed his soul. Mick Carlon is a 'soul' storyteller." --Nat Hentoff

"A ripping good yarn that plunges the reader into the world of Duke Ellington and the Europe and America of 1939." --Brian Morton, The Penguin Guide to Jazz

Last Notebook cover

The Last Notebook of Leonardo
A Novel by B.B. Wurge

"Wurge explains the fantastic with restraint...gently instructs young readers not to jump to conclusions based on appearances--the smartest person you might ever meet could be an oversized, hairy, orange primate."

--New York Journal of Books

Squiggle cover

A Novel by B.B. Wurge

“Lively and entertaining…. An unpredictable story with a wacky sense of humor.” 

--Martha Zschock, author of Journey Around Cape Cod

billy birdfrogs cover

Billy and the Birdfrogs
A Novel by B.B. Wurge

"...a book that survives by the sheer weight of its own insane internal logic...There's definately an element of Dahl's fondness for weirdness in this pup. For those funny-book junkies out there, Billy fulfills a need. Downright weird, and that's a-okay with me. It's worth a gander."

--School Library Journal

Santas Seals cover

Saving Santa's Seals
by T.M. Murphy

When 8-year-old Ryder asks Santa to help his Uncle Ted overcome writer's block and create another amazing story, he cannot know that they'll both be getting the best present ever--a wild adventure. But is it real, or just a wonderful Christmas dream?

"A fresh addition to the Christmas title list. Murphy is in tune with his 8-year-old self, able to capture the excitement, adventure, and feelings of childhood and the magic of Christmas. His tale of twists and turns, actions and dilemmas, is told as if he'd lived it...Perhaps he did!" --Martha Zschock, author of Journey Around Cape Cod

October 2009


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