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Vanishing cover Vanishing

Cai Emmons

 Co-winner of the 2018 Leapfrog Fiction Contest.

“Sophisticated, bright with promise. . . . If a writer’s job is to make the unseen visible, these stories are flashlights, illuminating the subtle, enormous tragedies we humans encounter every day.” —Marie-Helene Bertino
Why No Goodbye? why no goodbye?

Pamela L. Laskin

A quick read that does not shy away from the cruel cost of war. The story is gut wrenching and the small cast of characters is layered and endearing.”—Kirkus
Lacandon Dreams cover Lacandon Dreams

A Milagro Mystery

Katayoun Medhat

"A gem of a novel . . . that engages the reader's brain, heart, and soul and establishes Katayoun Medhat as a rising star of the mystery genre. It's only a matter of time before her wonderful Franz Kafka/Robbie Begay novels find the national audience they so richly deserve."—C. Joseph Greaves, author of Church of the Graveyard Saints

Greenhorns Greehorns

Richard Slotkin

"Historian and novelist Slotkin (The Long Road to Antietam, 2012, etc.) writes more personally in these linked semifictional stories based on his ancestors’ immigration from Eastern Europe early in the 20th century."—Kirkus Reviews

Report From A Place Report from a Place of Burning

A Novel

George Looney

“Utterly original…the work of a master. In language that is exquisite but also precise, Looney unspools a host of secrets.… That rare, wonderful sort of fiction that casts a spell.” —Laura Kasischke, National Book Critics Circle Award winner

Trip Wires

Trip Wires


Sandra Hunter

"Deeply moving, and often grim and uncomfortable in their confrontations of unimaginable tragedies, each story evokes a bold, emotional response.”
—Foreword Reviews

The Quality of Mercy

The Quality of Mercy

a novel by Katayoun Medhat

“Tony Hillerman fans will welcome Medhat’s excellent debut and series launch. . . . [U]ses pathos and humor, tragedy and comedy, to spin an entertaining and original mystery.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review


The Solace of Monsters

The Solace of Monsters

a novel by Laurie Blauner

Mara's dogged curiosity and integrity give the novel an appealing energy. She's an engaging heroine. . . . Blauner often reaches for a quirky expression of detail that sometimes creates a charming image . . . and sometimes verges on silly … but when her writing is at its clearest and simplest, Mara's wonder at her journey and the people she meets springs off the page and welcomes the reader into her world.

Stony River

Stony River

a novel by Tricia Dower

“A taut, compelling portrait of a small town’s underbelly. With sinister imagery and crisp, evocative prose, Dower pulls back the cloak of 1950s ‘innocence’ to expose the ugly secrets that lie in wait, teeth grown sharp in the dark.”
—Billie Livingston, The Crooked Heart of Mercy and One Good Hustle

The Gospel of Simon The Gospel of Simon

A Novel by

John Smelcer

"As this book shows, there are many similarities between Christianity and Buddhism, such as the practices of compassion, love, contemplation, and tolerance.”
—The Dalai Lama, Nobel Peace Prize laureate

Among the Dead  Among the Dead and Dreaming 

A Novel by

Samuel Ligon

[A] breathless page-turner. Ligon drives his narrative like a formula one racer. Buckle your seatbelts and get ready for a thrilling ride.”

—Jonathan Evison, author of West of Here

Girl Singer Girl Singer

A Novel by

Mick Carlon

"Carlon covers an unbelievable amount of ground in one novel…. Part jazz panegyric, part world history tour, altogether readable."

Trench Angel The Trench Angel

A Novel by

Michael Keenan Gutierrez

"The novel's unfiltered lens reveals war's cost to the human psyche, the amorality of concentrated wealth, the cancer of racial and ethnic hatred, and the nearly unresolvable conflict between familial loyalty and moral responsibility."

Going Anywhere

Savage Mountain

A Novel by

John Smelcer

"David Armstrong is a writer we've been waiting for, and Going Anywhere is a milestone collection."

—Douglas Unger


Lonesome Trails

The Lonsome Trials of Johnny Riles

A Novel by

Gregory Hill

Like Hill’s superb debut, East of Denver (2014), this one isn’t really a crime novel, but it surely is a damn fine, if distinctly peculiar, country noir.


Going Anywhere

Going Anywhere

stories by

David Armstrong

"David Armstrong is a writer we've been waiting for, and Going Anywhere is a milestone collection."

—Douglas Unger


Wonder Chamber

The Wonder Chamber

a Lizzie Manning Mystery by Mary Malloy

"Malloy demonstrates a real flair for weaving an engrossing historical puzzle into her mystery plot. Carefully assembling her story, she gently reels us in. [The] third series entry is perfect for readers craving an elaborate scheme." --Libraray Journal, starred review

Being Dead

Being Dead in South Carolina

stories by Jacob White


“In prose that is unadorned yet fiercely affective, White conveys a true and solemn poignancy." --ForeWord Reviews


The Giulio Metaphysics III
A Novel by Michael Mirolla

“Influenced by Beckett, Joyce and Kafka, yet clearly on a path of his own, in The Giulio Metaphysics III Mirolla has managed to once again redefine the literature of place and time. Both very funny and disturbingly sad, this latest work weaves an ever more relaxed surface over an ever more acute set of questions.”

–Michael Springate, novelist, playwright, screenwriter


Death My Own Way
A Novel by Michael S. A. Graziano

"Graziano… writes with intelligence, mischief, pace, and economy… to bat around the big questions. “What is love? What is art?” he asks playfully, though not frivolously…. fun and provocative." --Publishers Weekly


The Immanence of God in the Tropics
Stories by George Rosen

Tales of soccer, death, hot water, lost love, and the presence of God in Africa, Mexico, and the coast of New England

"Rosen is a yarn spinner in the best sense of the word." --Publishers Weekly


Dancing at the Gold Monkey
Stories by Allen Learst

Faith, mercy, grief, guilt, and love: soldiers returning home are haunted by the emotional pyrotechnics and moral absurdity of War

"Each of these stories contributes to…an understanding of a community and the men and women trying to make their way within it.
Learst writes of them with both clarity and compassion." --ForeWord


Paradise Walk
A Novel by Mary Malloy

Following the path of a medieval pilgrimage, historian Lizzie Manning finds unexpected danger. Chaucer may have based his "Wife of Bath" on a real woman, whose descendant holds certain artifacts. But can the investigation lead to something more sinister? Are the bones of St. Thomas Becket hidden in Canterbury Cathedreal, and is someone willling to kill to protect the secret?

How to Stop Loving Someone
Stories by Joan Connor

These stories explore the vagaries and vicissitudes of love and lust, of loneliness and loss. Tonally they range from the dark to the darkly comic, from the optimistic to the outright silly. But wherever Connor’s characters find themselves, whether lucky or unlucky in love, whether in their teens or middle age, they cling tenaciously to the belief that the quest for love is self-validating, that love is yet possible.

"Connor’s facile and clever wordplay and piquant characterizations guide the reader through the minefields and misery, delight and despair, rewards and recriminations of love in all its guises." --Booklist

And Yet They Were Happy
by Helen Phillips

A young couple sets out to build a life in an unstable world haunted by monsters, plagued by disasters, full of longing--but also one of transformation, wonder, and delight, peopled by the likes of Noah, Bob Dylan, Virgin Mary, and Anne Frank. Hovering between reality and fantasy, whimsy and darkness, these linked fables describe a universe both surreal and familiar.

Read the first fable. 

"Brilliant miniatures...[Phillips'] quietly elegant sentences are as clear as spring water, haunting as our own childhood memories." --Michael Dirda

"A deeply interesting mind is at work in these wry, lyrical stories." --Amy Hempel

"Haunted and lyrical and edible all at once." --Rivka Galchen

The Facility
A Novel by Michael Mirolla

What to do with Mussolini clones that refuse to stay dead. How to cope with the power to re-create others forever. How to lead a “normal” life when memory and identity are no longer unique. What to do when time means nothing and no one can distinguish real from simulacra.

Trapped inside The Facility at a time when humans are undergoing their final convulsive death rattle on a prion-infected Earth, Fausto struggles to recreate the world he once knew of family and friendship.

In the Lap of the Gods
A Novel by Li Miao Lovett

"An important, even invaluable book, a moving farewell to the old, more humane way of life as China and all the world become technologized and globalized."

--Maxine Hong Kingston

Billie Girl
A Novel by Vickie Weaver

"Honestly strange and strangely honest… Remarkably compelling and powerful. Weaver's authenticity of characters, situations, and by-gone eras emanates from sheer originality of style. This amazing novel is a stellar achievement--gritty, funny, fresh, and bold. It will make your eyes bug out and your pulse race.  And how it shines, shines with humanity!”

--Sena Jeter Naslund, author of Ahab's Wife

Monster Oil on Canvas
A Novel by Dmitry Zlotsky

"Zlotsky has done for conjoined twins what Gunter Grass did for midgets in The Tin Drum...A weirdly hilarious Russian fairytale composed with the comedic zeal of Gogol and the rhetorical brilliance of Nabokov."

Lee Siegel, Love in a Dead Language

divine farce

The Divine Farce
A Novel by Michael S. A. Graziano

Every single page will blow your mind. It is one of the most original and thought-provoking stories I have ever read… true literary art….Not a word is wasted in this masterpiece. Yes, I call it that. I have read many classics, and I can tell you that “The Divine Farce” should be counted among them; the finest in American literature.

November 2009

The Ghost Trap
A Novel by K. Stephens

“A rugged and tender tale. Bawdy humor, snappy dialogue, colorful sea myths and rich lobstering details add to the immense appeal of this textured narrative about a lobsterman’s inward and outward struggles.”

--Publishers Weekly

The Wandering Heart
a Novel by Mary Malloy

"Malloy illuminates the fact that history is not only replete with answers, but with questions as well...This novel itself feels like a seafaring voyage--full of swift turns, unknown frontiers and the desire to answer the big questions we all ask ourselves."

--Publishers Weekly

A Novel by Michael Mirolla

The Berlin Wall falls. A mental patient escapes in Canada. A surreal adventure follows, a freakish experiment on transcendental philosophy. We descend into the seamy underlife of West Berlin: the omnipresent wall, transvestite bars, sadomasochism, philosophical intelligentsia, adultery, and murder.

Cretaceous Dawn
A Novel by L.M. and M.S.A. Graziano

"Cretaceous Dawn is a first-class adventure story, an effortless read as engaging as vintage Jules Verne." --Natural History

"The Grazianos, sibling scientists, combine speculation and science in a compulsively page-turning time-travel adventure...Details about plants, animals and insects in the distant past set the stage for a tight, scientifically plausible plot with a wholly unexpected twist that will keep readers guessing."

--Publishers Weekly

Losing Kei cover

Losing Kei
A Novel by Suzanne Kamata

An American expatriate artist living in Japan goes to desperate lengths to be reunited with her young son.

The Love Song of Monkey
A Novel by Michael S. A. Graziano

"Imaginative, intelligent narrative. Twin ideas of forgiveness and mercy twist through this strange, moving, patiently wrought novel, making for a trippy but charming read."

--Publishers Weekly

Confessions of a Memory Eater
A Novel by Pagan Kennedy

“In her absorbing and timely Novel Confessions of a Memory Eater, Pagan Kennedy explores love, addiction, and memory in the pharmaceutical age… In fewer than 200 pages, Confessions packs an allegorical wallop.”

Entertainment Weekly

Secret Anniversaries of the Heart
Twenty-Five Years of Award-Winning Stories by Lev Raphael

"Concerned ultimately with the struggle for love both human and divine, these are searing stories."

--Kirkus Reviews

Bolt Risk
A Novel by Ann Wood

Bar Fly meets Girl, Interrupted in this First Novel about an Ex-Prep School Girl Turned Stripper Whose Appetites and Attitude Land Her in the Nuthouse

"As bracing as a shot of rotgut whiskey, the brutal, unflinching prose is a tonic for the chick-lit weary."

The Washington Post

Waiting for Elvis
Stories by Toni Graham

Winner of the 2006 John Gardner
Award for Fiction

“Graham creates a character at once sexy and sad … the linked tales seamlessly capture Jane’s progression from widowed lover to wise woman of the world.”

-- Publishers Weekly

A Novel by Maureen McCoy

"Junebug takes us on a wild ride!"

--O, The Oprah Magazine

German_Money.JPG (57206 bytes)

The German Money
A Novel by Lev Raphael

"One of the most powerful suspense novels in years...a kind of Kafka meets Philip Roth meets Le Carre."

--The Washington Post

Just the Way You Want Me
A Novel by Nora Eisenberg

"An achingly realistic portrait of 1950s America that strongly echoes today's political climate."

--Library Journal (starred)

The Devil and Daniel Silverman
A Novel by Theodore Roszak

The Wicked San Francisco Chronicle Bestseller about an Outraged Liberal Trapped in a Fundamentalist Bible College

"Hilarious!" --The Los Angeles Times

paradise-dance-final-small.gif (16623 bytes)

Paradise Dance
Stories by Michael Lee

"New England's best kept literary secret"
--Library Journal (starred)

"What a good read!"
--Norman Mailer

The War at Home
A Memoir~Novel by Nora Eisenberg

A Washington Post Book Rave of 2002

"So poignant that it's hard to put down."
--Kirkus Reviews
A Novel by Arne Tangherlini

"A fantastical coming of age story about a brainy, racially mixed teenage girl jacked into a cyber wonderland...leo is a trip!"

--USA Today

Shadows and Elephants
A Novel by Edward Hower

A novel About the Adventures of the Notorious Mystic, Madame Blavatsky

"A stunning book, vivid, dramatic and full of warmth."

 —Edmund White

The Dangerous Age
A Novel by Annette Williams Jaffee

With rare insight and some of the most touchingly rendered erotic scenes in recent memory, a novel about seizing ecstasy in our lives--regardless of age, in spite of the consequences.

--The New York Times Book Review

Adult Education
A Novel by Annette Williams Jaffee

A rediscovered gem about women's friendship and the shared longings of young wives and mothers.

"A  wonderful novel; funny and heartbreaking, cruelly satiric and tender."

— Joyce Carol Oates

Look At Me
A Novel by Lauren Porosoff Mitchell

"High intensity sex scenes staged with Madonna-esque attitude."

Publishers Weekly

The Kitchen Man
A Novel by Ira Wood

"A heartwarming and hilarious novel about love and loyalty outside the conventional categories of age, gender and body proportions." 

Kirkus Reviews (starred)


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