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The Wandering Heart

A Novel by Mary Malloy

The reading room in the library was Lizzie’s favorite place on campus. Part of the attraction was the cathedral-like space, but mostly it was the light. Green-shaded lamps cast pools of light onto the polished wood of the tables but left much of the high-ceilinged room in a comfortable dimness. The tall windows were filled with small diamond-shaped panes of wavy glass which filtered the sunlight into a pleasant haze, but nothing viewed through these windows could be seen clearly unless you stepped right up and put your face almost against the cool surface of lead or glass. There were no sharp edges in the room. It had a spaciousness and softness which created exactly the atmosphere that Lizzie thought was most appropriate for contemplation and study. In such a room she could slip easily into the past.

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"Maritime historian Mary Malloy (Devil on the Deep Blue Sea) makes an impressive fiction debut with this first installment of a planned trilogy. ... Malloy mixes history and fantasy with flair and delivers a wonderfully satisfying puzzler."

--Publishers Weekly

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"In this debut novel, Malloy illuminates the fact that history is replete not only with answers, but with questions as well. Malloy's use of medieval tales, the Knight's Templar history, ancient artifacts, and naval history deftly guides the reader deeper into the character and her motivations. As she solves one mystery, another looms larger and more terrifying, eradicating any chance of reprieve from the tension. This novel itself reads like a seafaring voyage--full of swift turns, unknown frontiers and the desire to answer the big questions we all ask ourselves."

--ForeWord magazine

"Mystery a la gothic arrives in Mary Malloy's The Wandering Heart. ... Historian Malloy (Harvard, Brown, and the Sea Education Association in Woods Hole, Mass.) does her research proud, inserting humanity into the too-often dry history some of us suffered through in school. We are also reminded that although history is written by the winners, the losers sometimes get in a parting shot."

--Mystery Scene magazine

"A fabulous thriller staring a historian heroine who looks back in time over the centuries to various eras seeking what happened to numerous Elizabeth Hattons. Thus the reader obtains a modern psychological tale with strong implications of horror from an alleged curse dating back to the Crusades. ... A terrific tense thriller."

--MBR Small Press Bookwatch

“A lost journal from Captain Cook’s ill-fated journey to the Pacific Northwest. A young woman’s fatal leap from a stone turret. A love poem scribbled on a scrap of ancient vellum. And of course an intrepid historical sleuth, Professor Lizzie Manning, who discovers a few long-lost secrets of her own. In the tradition of A. S. Byatt’s Possession, Mary Malloy’s debut novel is a complex and masterfully woven tale that will keep readers up far into the night.”

—Caroline Preston, author of Jackie by Josie and Gatsby’s Girl

"An absorbing, intricate plot, brought together masterfully at the end…A domestic gothic, not unlike Wilkie Collins’ Women in White or Hawthorne’s House of the Seven Gables.”

—Barton St. Armand, Ph.D., author of Emily Dickinson and Her Culture and The Roots of Horror in the Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft; literary critic for American Quarterly and American Transcendental Quarterly.


A forensic thriller like Byatt’s Possession that pursues secrets going back to the Crusades.

When historian Lizzie Manning is invited to Britain to study the Hatton family’s history in their ancestral home, she can have no idea where her research will take her. Before long she finds herself traveling backward in time, from the eighteenth-century voyage of Captain Cook to the Crusades of the thirteenth century. She digs into the Medieval past using all the tools of the historian’s trade: shipboard logbooks, correspondence, ethnographic artifacts, artworks, the Hatton family home, the surrounding landscape, and the crypts in several churches. Her findings lead her into three interrelated mysteries, her own family’s history, and a search for a Crusader’s disembodied heart.

Mary Malloy is the author of four maritime history books, including the award-winning Devil on the Deep Blue Sea: The Notorious Career of Samuel Hill of Boston. She has a Ph.D. from Brown University and is a professor of maritime history at the Sea Education Association in Woods Hole, Mass., and museum studies at Harvard University. The Wandering Heart, the first of a trilogy, is her first novel.

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PAGES: 396
TRIM: 6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-9728984-5-7
PRICE: $15.95 / Paperback Original
Pub Date: April 2009 

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