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Cai Emmons

The women in these stories operate in a world where their voices are not heard, and are navigating prickly paths, doing what they can to survive.

A new mother is bewildered when her house appears to belong to a stranger; a young artist must look past stereotypes to what really matters; a filmmaker visiting a childhood friend with dementia realizes how quickly shared history vanishes; an isolated young woman forms a manipulative friendship with a mother whose daughter has died; a middle-aged offce manager discovers she isn’t central in the lives of her adoring young male employees. These women’s lives highlight the difficulty of honing a strong identity in a culture that consistently devalues women.

 Co-winner of the 2018 Leapfrog Fiction Contest.

“Sophisticated, bright with promise. . . . If a writer’s job is to make the unseen visible, these stories are flashlights, illuminating the subtle, enormous tragedies we humans encounter every day.” —Marie-Helene Bertino

“Vanishing is moving, sharp, and unforgettable, and Cai Emmons is a writer at the top of her game.” —Lysley Tenorio, author of Monstress

“These five accomplished stories delicately probe the spaces left by loss—and the surprising new life that emerges in its wake. An unsettling, moving, and beautiful collection.” —Kirstin Valdez Quade, author of Night at the Fiestas

Praise for Cai Emmons’s novels

“Gripping. Brings home the power and terror of maternal love.” —O Magazine

“Emmons . . . has an eye for the grating intimacy of small-town life and a fine
ear for suggestive metaphors. . . . Unusual and memorable.” —The Economist

“Lovely writing. . . . Emmons’s emphasis is on her characters, and she draws them well.” —Seattle Times

“Emmons’s potent novel features magnetic characters and complex and compelling secrets.” —Booklist

Cai Emmons

142 pages • ISBN 978-1-948585-08-8 • Trade paperback, $15.00
March 2020
eBook available

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