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Stony River

a novel

Tricia Dower

In this coming-of-age, who-done-it mystery, three girls learn who they are and what they’re capable of surviving—and forgiving.

It wasn’t all poodle skirts and rock ‘n’ roll. Set in a time we often romanticize, Stony River shows in unexpected ways how perilous it was to come of age in the 50s. Absent mothers, controlling fathers, biblical injunctions, teenage longing and small-town pretense abound. The threat of violence is all around: angry fathers at home, dirty boys in the neighborhood, strange men in strange cars, one dead girl, one hidden, and another gone missing.

“A taut, compelling portrait of a small town’s underbelly. With sinister imagery and crisp, evocative prose, Dower pulls back the cloak of 1950s ‘innocence’ to expose the ugly secrets that lie in wait, teeth grown sharp in the dark.”
—Billie Livingston,
The Crooked Heart of Mercy and One Good Hustle

Reviews of the Canadian edition of Stony River

“Stony River is a powerful coming-of-age novel, which meticulously evokes time and place, and tackles moral dilemmas, religious dogma, spirituality, sexuality, depression, incest and abuse. It’s rare to find such a polished debut and Dower is a masterful storyteller to watch.”
Globe and Mail

“Think Mad Men but even madder.”
Toronto Star

“Dower does an excellent job chronicling the formative years of her central trio in a coming-of-age story that effectively tackles heavy subjects including domestic abuse, mental illness, and rape. While each girl’s story branches off in a different direction, each manages to remain equally compelling, and the shifting story lines and perspectives feel effortless.”
Quill & Quire

“‘What did the devil look like?’ asks Tereza, a teenage girl who ‘seemed to accept the cost of doing what she pleased.’ In response, Tereza’s beau says, ‘Me, of course. That’s what he does.’ But the devil is not just in any particular man in Stony River; its evil is woven into the fabric of its paternalistic society, and Dower’s understanding and ability to subtly manifest that bane is pure brilliance.”
Saint John Telegraph-Journal


About the Author

Tricia Dower confesses to smoking a river punk or two in Rahway, New Jersey, where she was born and raised by perfectly fine parents who did not keep her hidden in a spooky house. You can find her on the “Rahway’s Own” website with other individuals the town has recognized for innovation and creativity. A graduate of Gettysburg College where she served a term as president of the Beta Pi chapter of Phi Mu Fraternity, she built a career in business before reinventing herself as a writer in 2002. Her literary work has crossed borders and won awards. She expanded a story from her Shakespeare-inspired collection, Silent Girl (Inanna 2008) into Stony River, which was first published in Canada (Penguin 2012). Her novel, Becoming Lin (Caitlin Press), was released in Canada in 2016. A dual citizen of Canada and the United States, Dower lives and writes in Brentwood Bay, BC. Visit her at https://twitter.com/TriciaDower and http://triciadower.com.


Stony River • Tricia Dower

2+6 pages • ISBN 978-1-935248-86-6 • Trade paperback, $15.95 • e-Book available • October 2016

Published by Leapfrog Press LLC • www.leapfrogpress.com

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Stony River


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