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Lacandon Dreams

A Milagro Mystery

Katayoun Medhat

A missing teenager and a failed suicide lead Southwestern small-town cop “K” to a cabal of environmental destruction, corrupted ideals and a merciless vendetta.

Milagro, boom and bust town, between mesas and desert badlands, is ruled by good ol’ boys high on guns and shale oil. Franz Kafka, aka K, unlikely cop and reluctant lawman, is caught in a dystopian nightmare where Big Energy is fêted for fracking the life out of the county, a teenage girl’s mysterious vanishing is callously ignored, all the sheriff’s men are out training schoolteachers to shoot and the mighty melting pot is a witches’ cauldron of intercultural discontent. Navajo cop and soul-brother Robbie Begay’s anarchic investigation methods and virtual track-reading skills lead where K’s principles won’t let him go, while an old Lacandon woman’s dreams play havoc with K’s certainties and open doors to another world.

A gem of a novel … that engages the reader's brain, heart, and soul and establishes Katayoun Medhat as a rising star of the mystery genre. It's only a matter of time before her wonderful Franz Kafka/Robbie Begay novels find the national audience they so richly deserve."—C. Joseph Greaves, author of Church of the Graveyard Saints

“Steeped in the landscape of the Land of Enchantment with all its harsh beauty, cultural diversity, prejudices, history of exploitation, and present-day challenges, Lacandon Dreams, like The Quality of Mercy, is a literary page-turner.”—Sara Pritchard, author of Help Wanted: Female

Praise for The Quality of Mercy:

“Tony Hillerman fans will welcome Medhat’s excellent . . . series launch, a refreshing take on Navajo country’s crime, culture, and history . . . an entertaining and original mystery.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Crimes, cops, and communities that don’t respect . . . cultural differences. . . . More books featuring this winning character would be welcome.”—Rain Taxi

“A buddy novel, a work of . . . collective and inter-generational trauma, a play with genre, from noir . . . to road movie with a nod through the rearview mirror to Hunter S. Thompson.”—European Journal of Psychotherapy and Counselling

“A New Crimefighting Duo Is Born.”—Durango Herald

Lacandon Dreams, A Milagro Mystery
Katayoun Medhat

314 pages • ISBN 978-1-948585-04-0• Trade paperback, $17.00 • October 2019

Published by Leapfrog Press LLC • www.leapfrogpress.com

Distributed to the trade by Consortium Book Sales & Distribution • www.cbsd.com

Lacandon Dreams cover.


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