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The Giulio Metaphysics
A novel by Michael Mirolla


TUMBLING HEAD OVER HEELS. Arms flailing. Legs scissoring. No longer trapped within the boxy confines of the genre. Within the strictures that have tied and bound. Within the artifice and limiting parameters of the written-on-the-blank-tablet message.

I fall.

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Linked tales on the fluidity of identity and the power of the word

A character named Giulio frees himself from his creator in order to write his own story, only to find himself lost and confused, unable at times to recall his own name. He wanders through landscapes both familiar and alien, struggling to return home. Each story creates a new character, and each character is named Giulio. This neither signifies nor denies any essential connection: each Giulio is unique, each is universal. Each Giulio is every-man and no-man.

“Influenced by Beckett, Joyce and Kafka, yet clearly on a path of his own, in The Giulio Metaphysics III Mirolla has managed to once again redefine the literature of place and time. Both very funny and disturbingly sad, this latest work weaves an ever more relaxed surface over an ever more acute set of questions.” --Michael Springate, novelist, playwright, screenwriter


The Giulio Metaphysics by Michael Mirolla

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PAGES: 203
TRIM: 6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-935248-39-2
PRICE: $15.95/ Paperback Original 

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