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Travels with Louis

by Mick Carlon

An American Bookseller's Association ABC Best Books for Kids

Corona, Queens: Early August 1959. Dusk drenched in summer shadows. A baseball diamond in the neighborhood. Old Mrs. Fontaine calling for one of her cats. Soft front-stoop voices and the bells of a Good Humor Ice Cream truck.

Since the boys who played ball daily on this field were only twelve years old, no windows had yet been shattered. “It’s too dark,” said Fred. “I can’t see the ball anymore.”

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The warm-hearted story of Louis Armstrong and 12-year-old Fred, who learns about jazz—and life—from the great musician himself.

“When Louis Armstrong was off the road and at home in Queens, New York, neighborhood kids would gather around that home as Louis brought them into jazz and got to know each one. Louis’ music still vibrantly lives around the world and his spirit of humaneness lives in Travels with Louis by Mick Carlon, the proto-teacher of jazz to the young of all ages.”
Nat Hentoff

Queens, 1959. Twelve-year-old Fred loves reading, baseball, and playing trumpet with none other than Louis Armstrong. This endearing friendship solidifies as Fred accompanies Louis around the country and abroad. Fresh on the heels of RIDING ON DUKE’S TRAIN by award-winning author Mick Carlon, TRAVELS WITH LOUIS (Leapfrog Press, September 2012) chronicles encounters with greats such as Langston Hughes, Dizzy Gillespie, and Duke Ellington as the Civil Rights movement storms around them.

“I was Louis Armstrong's friend and photographer for many years. If Carlon had written one phony word about Pops, I would've told him in no uncertain language. But he hasn't. The Louis Armstrong I knew is in this novel. Reading TRAVELS WITH LOUIS is like visiting with my friend again.”
Jack Bradley,
jazz writer, photographer

“Mick Carlon’s Louis Armstrong is, as everyone who met Pops, watched him on screen, or even listened to his peerless records will agree, a convincing representation of a superior human being.”
Brian Morton,
author of The Penguin Guide to Jazz

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Travels With Louis -

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CATEGORY: Middle Grade/YA fiction
PAGES: 248

ISBN: 978-1-935248-35-4
PRICE: $9.95
Pub Date: September 2012


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