Submission Guidelines

We are open for regular submissions through December 1, 2017.

We will be closed to regular queries from December2 through the spring of 2018. Dring this time, all fiction submissions will only be accepted through our annual fiction contest, which will be open from January 15 through May 1 (see our contest page later in the year for details).

We accept queries and contest submissions only through our Submittable page, which you will find here:  


Our needs are very special. We are looking for that rare book that combines dark and light, satire and honesty, emotional range and pure joy of invention. We like books on the edge of avant garde. We are particularly interested in works that are quirky, that fall outside of any known genre, and of course are well written and finely crafted. Although we have a small number of popular fiction titles, our focus is literary fiction. We publish mainly adult fiction, and only occasionally take nonfiction. We do not publish children's picture books.

Our response time to initial queries is anywhere from a few days to a few months. We make every effort to respond quickly. Please understand that with so many queries coming in, we must review them in order and are unable to move a submission to the front of the queue.

Contact: Luke Daly, acquisitions editor,

For tips on query letters, see Sarah Murphy's article "How Do I Look?" on page 6 of the May 2011 issue of The Treefrog Tattler:

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