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Saving Santa's Seals

A Novel by T.M. Murphy

I guess there are hundreds and maybe even thousands of stories around the world that are about Christmas. Some are true stories. Some are not so true. And then there are the tales that lie in between truth and fantasy, confusing librarians about what category to give them and bookstore workers on what shelf to place them. These are the stories that are as magical as Christmas itself. They are meant for kids like me to make up our own minds about what we wish to truly believe.

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"A fresh addition to the Christmas title list. Murphy is in tune with his 8-year-old self, able to capture the excitement, adventure, and feelings of childhood and the magic of Christmas. His tale of twists and turns, actions and dilemmas, is told as if he'd lived it...Perhaps he did!"

--Martha Zschock, author of Journey Around Cape Cod

santas seals

When 8-year-old Ryder asks Santa to help his Uncle Ted overcome writer's block and create another amazing story, he cannot know that they'll both be getting the best present ever--a wild adventure. But is it real, or just a wonderful Christmas dream?

"A one-of-a-kind holiday adventure filled with colorful characters and a suspenseful plot that kids will eat up faster than their Christmas cookies. Parents will appreciate T.M. Murphy's knack for weaving good old-fashioned values like kindness, love, and forgiveness into the tale, and be touched by the character of Ryder, the young protagonist with a kind heart. This is a fun and wholesome story the entire family will enjoy...a great Christmas gift. Perfect for reading on Christmas Eve or after Christmas dinner."

--Mark Penta, author/illustrator of Cape Cod Invasion!

"A fun read! Murphy sure knows how to weave a story. He had me from page one. Whether you're a young reader or an adult, you'll want to join the journey. And don't forget to admire the view: Taylor's illustrations are as vivid and evocative as the writing."

--Lisa Mullins, Anchor and Senior Producer of NPR's "The World"

"A sweet, imaginative story that arose from something writers, budding writers and even educators can relate to: writer's block. Murphy's whimsically crafted story truly deepens my belief that when handed lemons, one must make lemonade!"

--Emily Chetkowski, author of Mabel Takes the Ferry; Pumpkin Smile; etc.




CATEGORY: Fiction, Middle Grade
PAGES: 164
TRIM: 5.25 x 7.75
ISBN: 978-0-9815148-8-8
PRICE: $10.95 / Paperback Original
Pub Date: October 2009


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